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50 percent will be employed. Reporters learned that many service outsourcing enterprises are actively training college students in order to pool talents. According to statistics from the BASS, the service outsourcing enterprises will provide jobs for at least 10,000 ▓college students this year.Policy to accelerate healthy development of service ou▓tsourcing industryRecently, the General Office of Beijing Municipal Government publishe▓d the Opinions on Promoting the Development of the S▓ervice Outsourcing Industry. The opinions were originally issued by Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission to implement policies supporting service outsourcing enterprises. These included tax revenue policies and talent training policies. This indicates that Beijing service outsourcing indust▓ry has ushered in a new era of development.The Opinions proposed that Beijing service▓ outsourcing industry focus on promoting the enterprises鈥?capacity and standard of underta▓king offshore service outsourcing businesses. This will further optimize Beijing foreign trade e▓xport structure, enlarge the scale of the service economy and enhance the standards of the service industry. More job opportunities will be creat▓ed for college students

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by developing offshore service outsourcing businesses.At pres▓ent, there are about over 400 service outsourcing enterprises in Beijing, employing over 100,000 people. The industrial development level o▓f the outsourcing industry has led other industries▓ in the entire nation. The top 20 service outsourcing enterprises achieved an annual ▓export

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